Like the other years, we do a bunch of different things around the Outer Banks. This year we played miniature golf, went to the dunes, took a ferry ride to Howard's, went shopping, and went to an all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant.

The boys

The girls wanted to take this picture for some reason. We didn't eat at Dirty Dicks but they just had to have a picture of us in front of it. From left to right: Gabe, Josh, me, Steve, and Dan.

Ain't they cute?

A damn good picture if I do say so myself. Being the gentleman that he is, Gabe is bravely facing the blowing sands and protecting Jen... also because she told him to ;)

Not for wussies....

A tradition from last year, running down the dunes. Not for the faint of heart or people afraid of sand. That's me on the left and Steve on the right.

There's always one....

Well... Gabe did it last year, but this year was Jackie's turn. Someone just has to end up on the ground after their run. Ironically, Jackie had just finished saying "that wasn't as steep as last year."

On the ferry

Here we are on the ferry on our way to Howard's. From left to right: Dawn, me, Amy, Bryan, Becky, Steve (kneeling), Kari, Dan (kneeling), Kim, Jen, Gabe, Jackie, and Josh.

Looking down

Me and Jen on the top deck of the ferry. She came to cheer me up.

Becky and Dawn looking all cute on the ferry.

Me, Becky, and Steve before our golf game.


Hrm... seems to be a theme this year... this pic had to be censored... and it was kinda cute too.


This is Jen and Dawn on a ship-thingy at the course.

Dan, Becky, me, and Steve before the golf game.

Take two

Okay, second version of this pic. From left to right: Kim, Jen, Dawn, Gabe, Josh.


Its Steve and Dan at the golf course.... can't you just hear the rap music?

Geez... how many pictures did I take at the golf course... this is Steve and Becky.


There was a very tame bird at the golf course and it ended up on Dan.

Victory baby!!!!

Woo hoo... two years in a row that I've beaten Jen... but this year I beat everyone too. Why do I always look stupid in these pictures.

The cool group

This was my group for golf. From left to right: Dawn, Dan, Becky, me, and Steve.

The whole gang

I'm not going to go through all the names again... but this is us before we started.

Hatteras lighthouse

This is the Hatteras lighthouse that is in the process of being moved several hundred yards down the beach. Kind of a historic thing to see.

Don't forget to look at what we did at the house.