Life at the house was a little less active than last year. We had a grand total of ten people there all week... with only three left by Friday. Activities at the house included swimming, drinking, playing some games, and of course laying out in the sun.

A new twist to an old game

If you can turn a wholesome family game into a drinking game, chances are that you drink too much.

Just Dan and Steve posing for a picture...

Asshole... the game

No vacation is complete without a game or 12 or "Asshole." From left to right: Dawn, Jen, Jackie, Becky and Josh.

The other half...

The other half of the table: Steve, Kim, and Dan.

A bunch of assholes

From left to right: Kim, Steve, me, Dawn, Jackie, Josh, Dan.


It's the Tuchman sisters by the pool. From left to right: Jackie, Kim and Jen.

Jackie tossing

Just one of them things you do when you're in the pool.... toss your girlfriend around. This is Josh throwing Jackie.

Sunning by the pool

Becky and Dan sunning by the pool. Becky already has a tan actually... and Dan has spent most of the week putting aloe on his shoulders so I don't know what he's thinking.


Becky and Jen out by the pool.

Damn.... again....

Hot damn... is this a great pic or what?!?! From left to right: Jackie, Kim (the youngest), and Jen (the oldest).

The champs...

It just isn't a good week unless you learn a new beer game. After searching the entire Outer Banks for ping pong balls, we finally got down to playing "Beer Pong." Jackie and Josh kicked everyone's asses for a long time. Notice how much fun the (sober) spectators seem to be having... further proof that alcohol is fun :)

He's planning....

Doesn't it look like he's really good at this game? At least Dawn and Kim look happier this time.

Not the champs

Becky and Steve... just two of the many losers that Jackie and Josh laid waste to that night.


Jackie and Josh's choice of beer for the night... only 10 down at this point.

More casualties

What the other side was drinking... twelve down and about 20 more to go.

Too... many... jokes...

For those of you that can't tell... that's Becky and Steve in a drunken wrestling match.

Sure... she's smiling now.....

She's hammered and laughing now... but you should have seen her about an hour later... still hammered, but not laughing... it was a long night...

Oh gawd....

Why exactly do I always look so stupid in these pics...

Damnit woman!!

"Damnit woman!! How many times do I gots ta tell ya ta stay outs of da kitchen while I'm cookin'!!" Steve politely removing Becky from the kitchen while he was trying to cook dinner.

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