The List

It's hard to describe what exactly "The List" is without making myself sound like a complete pig. Basically it consists of the five people I find most beautiful. Before you start yelling at me, let me explain what I mean by that. You aren't going to find supermodels, actresses, Playboy centerfolds, or any other famous person on this list, because I've never met them. I am attracted to people by personality, not looks, and it's that person's personality that earns them a spot on this list, stuff like kindness, caring, faithfulness, generosity, all the good stuff. It just so happens that all of the people on "The List" are pretty amazing in the looks department anyway, but that's just a coincidence.

This list is also a list of people that I'd happily cut off one of my limbs for, just to have a chance to go out with them. Of course it's also a list of people that wouldn't go out with me if I was the last man alive. Since they're all friends, that little fact doesn't bother me. Current and/or ex girlfriends will never be on "The List" because they did go out with me and I was not the last man on Earth :) Engaged or married people aren't on it either, I have my principles.

People on The List:
in no particular order


Former members of The List
and why they've been removed

Becky - got engaged
Lynn - got married
Susan - never talk to her anymore
Megan - haven't talked to her in a long time
Courtney - graduated and moved away
Jenn - graduated and moved away
Heather - no longer meets requirements