All About Me

Well hello there...I guess since you're here you want to know something about me? Okay...

NAME: Wells Jon Justin Condo (yes, Wells is my first name)

DOB: Nope... ain't gonna tell ya... you'll just forget it anyway...

HEIGHT: 5'7"

WEIGHT: 170 lbs.

HOME: Frederick, MD

HIGH SCHOOL: Walkersville High School, Walkersville MD

COLLEGE: West Virginia University, Morgantown WV

MAJOR: Regents BA

MINORS: Political Science, Computer Science, Sociology

SPORTS (I used to play): Soccer, Track, Lacrosse

PERSONALITY: I'd like to think that I have a very unique personality. I think the best way to describe my personality would be "adaptable." Most people seem to like me and can get along with me quite well in a fairly short period of time. I am very friendly once the ice is broken but am a bit shy until then. People seem to trust me fairly quickly as well which is something I take great pride in. I do have dark, more sad side though but it is carefully hidden behind a dry sense of humor and the occasional joke at my own expense. I used to consider myself a great romantic but years of being single have left me a bit out of practice. I hope its like riding a bike if I ever get the chance to be romantic again. I love to make people happy and can always be counted on when a friend is in need.

MOVIE: Dogma
SONG: "Sweet Pain" by Blues Traveler
SEASON: Winter
FOOD: Cheesesteak Subs
DRINK: Coca-Cola
GENRE OF MUSIC: Blues/Jazz/Swing

ICQ: #4012370 nickname: Loneheart
AIM: Lonehart
YAHOO: Loneheart3
EMAIL: yeah... right....