Other Pics...

Stuff that doesn't fit into any special category is in here.

A small gathering at a brewpub in Morgantown.

Chrissy and her brother Tommy at the brewpub.

Me and Chrissy at the brewpub.

Doc and Heather at the brewpub... they've been married less than a year and already they're at each other throats.

Doc and Heather again. Ever get that feeling that a picture you took will one day be used as evidence?

Heather and Chrissy at the brewpub.

Heather and Chrissy again... and they aren't even drunk...

Becky and Keith

This is Becky and her boyfriend (now husband) Keith. The huge height difference is thanks to Keith's shin implants ;-)

Becky and Keith

See... this is Keith showing how tall he was before those shin implants ;-)

Me man... her girlfriend...

Uhm... yeah... I forget how this picture got started...

At a Terps game

Becky and Keith at a Terps game.

A slightly drunk Becky

Another Becky pic, this time at my apartment on my birthday. Yes, she's a little drunk.

Chrissy at my party

My friend Chrissy... drunk... at my place... on my birthday...

Jackie, Katie, Kelly and Jen

Some friends at a party at Jen's house. From left to right: Jackie, Katie, Kelly, and Jen.

Heather and Gene

This is my friend Heather and Gene behind the desk at Summit. It's hard to tell but Heather is actually working.

Heather and Chrissy

I could have a lot of fun explaining this one.... It's either a picture from one of my fantasies, or a drunk and happy Heather licking Chrissy at my birthday gathering.

Heather and Chrissy again...

Another pic of Heather and Chrissy, this time they're eating pickles and cold pizza at my place.

Kelly and Becky

This is Kelly and Becky at Jen's party. We're playing drinking games :)

Me, Heather and Doc

This is me, Heather, and Doc sitting on my couch at my birthday thing. I think we're all a little intoxicated at this point.