Welcome to the inside of the house. For some odd reason, most of these pictures involve drunk people....no idea why...

Playin a game

This is us playing a nice friendly round of "Asshole," seems as if I'm the President at the moment.

Jackie and Josh

This is Jackie and her boyfriend Josh.

Jen and some alcohol

This is one of my best friends Jen, looking a bit red. I can't remember if she's sunburned or just drunk. The bottle, the can of Coke, and the shot glass are mine...it was a fun night....

A red Jen

Ohhhh, now I remember, she is drunk.

the sisters

In case I forgot to mention it, Jackie and Jen are sisters. Ain't they gorgeous?

Uhm....don't ask....

Uhm....it's Jackie and Jen again....don't ask why they're on the floor, it should be obvious.