Some fun stuff...

Here are a few programs or files that I think are fun or cute. They are all relatively small and all you have to do is double click on them once you're downloaded them. To the best of my knowledge they are all freeware. I've emailed the creators when possible and either got no response or permission to post their file.

Taliban parody 1 (359KB) - A funny Taliban related parody done in Flash. Needs Flash 5.0 plugin and sound. Not safe for work.

Taliban parody 2 (432KB) - Another funny Taliban related parody done in Flash. Needs Flash 5.0 plugin and sound. Safe for work... unless your co-workers have no sense of humor.

Colors and sex (5KB) - One of my favorite files... does your favoirte color tell about how you react towards sex?

Birthday trees (7.8KB) - Does the tree you're born under tell something about your personality? Mine isn't exctly right, but it's close.

Tetris Pack (1.11MB) - A gathering of several Tetris games. Requires WinZip to unzip the file.

Xtet (1.83MB) - An x-rated version of Tetris. Take a little getting used to but still pretty funny. Requires WinZip to unzip the file.

Brain test (1.15MB) - A test to see which hemisphere of your brain in dominant and whether you are a visual or auditory learner.

Color test (41KB) - A personality test based on the order in which you pick the given colors. Not very well done but still funny.

Esheep (310KB) - An absolutely adorable little program that creates a sheep (actually it's a ram) that roams around your desktop. It does lots of different things so you'll just have to experiment and watch for a while. Double clicking on the file more than once brings up more sheep. I've had 15 of these things running around before....

Optical (21.5KB) - A freaky optical illusion, just read the directions.

Penis test (10.7KB) - Strictly for the guys. Not actually a test, just something funny.

Top Cat (37.2KB) - A cute little cat will follow your mouse pointer around trying to catch it.