Friends, co-workers, and other people I know.

If it weren't for my friends, my life would really suck. I tend to get along better with females, so naturally I have more female friends. Not that I'm complaining about that, what self respecting male wouldn't want a whole bunch of female friends? My friends are basically my life, and I wouldn't give them up for anything.

Okay, until I get some good pictures of all these people, you're just gonna have to live with some basic stuff about them. Some of the people do have pics, click on their name to see. Oh, and this list is in alphabetical order so I don't upset anyone. If your name ends up at the bottom, blame your parents...

Amber - One of my online friends whom I do hope to meet some day. An unbelievably sweet and gorgeous girl that has a good head on her shoulders, even if she doesn't think so. For those of you that know what "The List" is, she's on it.

Ashley - One of my former co-workers. Unbelievably smart in just about everything, especially computers. Great personality, cute as can be, tough to figure out. She has more computer smarts in her big toe than I have in my whole body. I do worry about her sometimes though. Recently became single and got an unlisted number. She's on "The List"

Becky - Another of my best friends from high school. Gorgeous beyond words, both in personality and looks. We have one of those friendships where we know everything about each other, which I am very proud of. She was one of the longest running members of "The List" until she got engaged/married.

Chrissy - A good friend of mine from my second year in college. We met when I was trying to date one of her roommates and became friends. Unbelievably cute and one heck of a party girl. One of those people that will say just about anything at any time.

Doc - I've known Doc since Spring semester 98 and he's one of my best friends. A rather big guy, pretty much the opposite of me. Our senses of humor are a lot alike and I always have fun around him. He and Heather have recently gotten married and I hope they get all happiness that they deserve. If you want to know more about him, check out his homepage.

Heather - There are simply not enough words to describe her. One of the most drop dead gorgeous women on the planet. Smart, funny, and just plain wonderful. If you don't like her then something is really wrong with you. She is one of those people that makes you happy just being around her. Her and Doc recently got married on the sly so congrats to them... at least I don't have to wear that powder blue tux they were talking about for the wedding.

Jaime - Don't really know how to describe Jaime. She's one of my ex's, the one that I wish wasn't an ex. Short, dark haired, unbelievably cute, and full of fire. I could probably go on for pages about her, but perhaps it's best to end it here by saying that she'll forever be in my heart and in my mind. She got married without telling me a while back and now has two kids. Don't know what I did to deserve that but I'm sorry.

Kriss - My former Stats partner that I don't get to talk to nearly as much as I'd like to. Perhaps the most adorable blonde on the planet with a good brain and great personality. She has recently moved back to the east coast, fairly close to me actually but I still never get to see her. I miss her more than she'll ever know. She's on "The List" too.

Melanie - One of Kriss' friends that I never get to see. Have been out drinking with her a few times and had a blast every time. Like Kriss, she's gorgeous beyond words in so many ways. She's the newest addition to "The List".

Sam - A friend of mine that went to the same high school as I did. We weren't really friends back then but we are now. A computer science major like me, but actually out in the real world. One of the few guys I know that I would recommend to a female friend as a good guy to date.

Steve - A long time acquaintance and NC cohort.

People I never talk to anymore.

Amy - One of my friends from high school that I never see or talk to anymore. Her boyfriend is far more important than most of her friends so he occupies all of her time.

Carrye - An online friend that lives in Tennessee. We've had problems staying in touch over the past few years, talking for a while then not hearing from each other for a while. Despite what she thinks about herself, I think she's pretty good looking, and I know that her boyfriend agrees with me. She has a newly redone homepage.

Casey - Lesli's little sister. We started talking when Lesli told me to message her one day and we've been talking ever since. I'd like to meet her one of these days but I doubt I ever will because she seldom comes up to Morgantown. She's shorter than her sister (probably because she's 6 years younger) but they do look an awful lot alike. If she weren't half my age she'd probably be on The List like her sister.

Courtney - A sorority girl that I met in my third year. Tall and beautiful but with a personality that doesn't brag about it. Fun to be around and go shopping with. Knows how to have a good time but knows how to be a good friend too.

Dawn - Jen's "identical twin" according to both of them. Very sweet, very outgoing, and mighty fine looking. She and Jen both work and live together, which only adds to that "twins" thing. Dawn is another one of those people that you just enjoy being around.

Jackie - The middle of the Tuchman sisters. Smart, beautiful and extremely well balanced. She recently told me that's she's shy, but I have a hard time seeing that. She's got a pretty good guy for a boyfriend, even if he didn't know that Wells was my first name for a couple of years.

Jamie - My freshman year roommate now out in the real world. Just heard from him recently and found out that he's engaged.

Jen - The oldest of the Tuchman sisters and another of my best friends from high school. Beautiful, tall, and smart, but with what can only be described as a fetish for Tigger. She's in the real world too, soon to be a full fledged CPA.

Kelly - One of my newer friends. Very tall, extremely cute, and always happy. I'm trying to convince her to date shorter guys, but when you're that tall, it's tough. One of the only other people I know that's a Pisces like me.

Kim - The youngest of the Tuchman sisters and the only one without a height requirement. Fun to be around and unbelievably cute, if only she were a little older....

Lesli - An online friend from here at school that I've actually met a couple times by accident. By far the shortest person on this list at only 5'1''. She's also on "The List"

Lynn - Okay, when I think "smart," I think of Lynn. If I to choose someone's life for mine to be like right now, it would be hers. Graduated, has a job, recently married, organized, smart, lots of friends and cuter than all get out. How can you not want to be like her?

Megan - Another of my sorority girl friends. Without a doubt, Megan is one of the nicest people on the planet. I've never heard her being mean to anyone and don't know if she ever could. Has a great boyfriend, he's a damn nice guy too.

MeLisa - Someone fairly new in my life that I never get to see enough of. Not enough room here to really do her justice. About a thousand times smarter than I am when it comes to computers and she's drop dead gorgeous. Sadly she just wasn't looking for the same thing I was... I wanted long-term, she wanted to play the field. Funny thing though, she got engaged not to long after we stopped talking. Check out her page.

Susan - The younger sister of one of my best friends from high school. It isn't a secret that my mother always wanted me to go out with Susan, but neither my luck nor my looks were ever that good. Smart, strong (both emotionally and physically), and pretty amazing looking.

Former friends

Huy - Co-worker and soon-to-be ex supervisor. Ended our friendship because I was nice to his ex.

Tara - The long-time girlfriend and now long time ex-girlfriend of my old roommate Jamie. Pretty shallow person... cheated on her ex.