Outer Banks 2003
May 31 - June 7

The house was very empty this year... a lot of people backed out or couldn't make it. I was happy that those that did make it were there.

Becky, Chrissy and Paula on our first night at the house. Chrissy and Paula had just arrived and a bottle of JD already appeared on the counter.

Uhm... I don't care if it was only thirty seconds later... I was excited that we were at the beach.

Becky giving me the squinty-eyed "I'm tired so put the camera down" look.

Chrissy relaxing with a Jack and Coke I think.

Just the sunset of the back deck.

Becky playing with my Axim... which is a reoccurring event throughout the week. Is it me or does she look cold?

Chrissy working... actually WORKING while on vacation.

Paula watching Chrissy work. Hrm... I wonder if any of this is HIPPA info and I wonder if Chrissy should be working on it with us there ;)

My good buddy JC on Sunday night. He was full when I bought him on Saturday.

Just relaxing on the couch... and being cold.

Hot damn do I love this pic!! I don't care if I'm single... I got to travel around with these three for three days :)

Becky and Paula in/around the pool.

A plaque at the Wright Brothers Memorial.

Me and Paula... the Wright Brothers Memorial is in the background.

Close up of the memorial.

Paula and Chrissy standing in front of... well... you can read can't you?

One of the sides of the memorial.

See the tiny little brown building on the left? That's the Wright Brothers' original hanger and home while making their flights. See the big white hanger on the right... that's the one we think they're building to reconstruct the Wright Brothers' plane in. No idea why it needs to be so big since the original fit in the tiny building on the left.

Yup... that's Paula by Wilbur... nice trick shooting if I do say so myself.

Tuesday night and the other two have arrived. Its Chrissy, Paula, Becky, and Amy. Guess how many vegetarians are in this pic? Can you spot the Tequila, Corona, beef jerky, cookies, and peanut brittle?

Keith having a beer after many hours of driving.

Becky, me, Keith, Paula and Chrissy in the hot tub. It ain't a bad pic even with me in it... of course Becky looks a little evil and Paula looks a little mad.

Becky and Keith cuddlin on the couch.

It looks like a drinking game but don't be fooled... I think we were just playing a dice game.

But the lack of drinking games didn't stop me from killing off JC by Tuesday night. He was a good man.

Chrissy and Paula leaving on Wednesday... I was very sad :(

Keith taking a pic of me... I saw the pic... it wasn't pretty.

Becky in the kitchen. Look at all the nutritious food. Notice the very yummy bottle of Blue Agave tequila that Keith brought me in the middle-right of the pic.

The Hatteras Island lighthouse.

The Hatteras Island lighthouse again.

Becky and Keith in front of the Hatteras Island lighthouse.

Amy playing Text Twist on my Axim... by the end of the week she had basically beaten everyone else's high scores.

Becky, Amy and Keith on the beach.

Holy crap does Keith look like a giant in this pic... run children run!!!

Amy and a normal sized Keith.

Uhm... just Keith.

Yeah, they look tough but none of us had our V8 that day.

Awww... ain't we cute... even Keith with that cigar in his mouth.

Keith saving Becky from something in the pool. Would you believe that I Photoshop'd this pic to make Keith more tan?

Amy and Becky by the pool... both reading.

A close up of Becky reading.

A close up of Amy reading.

Becky, Keith and Amy on the ferry heading towards Howard's.

Another favorite pic of mine... not THE favorite though. Just can't have a pic that has a guy with "Try my nuts" on his shirt as my favorite pic.

They're playing Text Twist again... not like they need to work together to beat my scores.

Awww... ain't they cute?

Amy playing solitaire and trying to watch tv.

Becky reading some more by the pool. Looks like she's almost done with that book.

Becky and Amy in the back of Keith's truck on out way back from Dirty Dicks.