Outer Banks 2002

I almost didn't get to go to the beach this year but thankfully I was saved by some good friends from school. No group photo this time around.

This little critter greeted us when we got to the house... its a muskrat for those of you that don't know.

These were the boys that joined us this year. I think they're digging a hole... it wasn't deep enough because I know they made it out.

It's Doc. He's pondering whether or not to "help" the boys dig their hole.

Heather, Doc and Maggie. This is one of the last times that the sunglasses Doc is wearing were seen... they "swam away" shortly afterwards and have not been seen since.

Heather and Maggie. In case you can't tell... yes... they're sisters.

All three of the Miller women.

Doc's birthday was about a month after this but he got presents while at the beach. Isn't he pretty?

It can't be all fun and games at the beach... gotta be bored sometime.

You know you're short when a two person game of keepaway is a challenge.

Oh yeah... now that's good whisky.

Either he's trying to look like a badass, or he's feeling a bit constipated... I don't know which.

One of the week's many fallen soldiers. This one's name was J.C.

Nothin' funny to say about this pic... she's just too damn cute.

You just can't have much fun when you're underage.

Just a pic of some of the gang in the kitchen. It's nice to have mom's at the beach to cook for ya :)