Outer Banks 2001

The gang from 2001

The group this year was a bit larger than last year. From left to right: Laura, Steve, Jax, Jenn, Dan, me, Chris, Keith, and Becky.

This year's trip was a little more full than last year's. We didn't do everything that we've done in years past... no all-you-can-eat seafood night, no shopping day, no climbing the dunes, but we did make it to Howard's as usual.

Some of the guys playing basketball. From left to right: Chris, some other guy that stayed for a day, Dan, and Steve.

Becky discovered some new pool toys this year... they came in handy.

Steve likes the new toys... he has an idea...

Okay, so it wasn't the most original idea...

Thankfully, Chris brought some lacrosse sticks, and Becky brought her Koosh balls again... now this is fun!

Of course some people prefer the pool toys...

And some people just can't play nice...

Dan, Keith, and Becky playing pool. We've heard that we may have a foosball table next year :)

I brought my Dreamcast down this year and got some people hooked on it. I think they played for six hours straight that day.

Well... Dan is still playing, I think the rest of us are playing Spades. From left to right: Dan, Chris, Becky, Jenn, and Jax.

This doesn't happen a lot... all of us in the same room. Becky is sewing, Laura is reading, the four around the table are playing Hearts I think, and Dan and Steve are playing the Dreamcast.

Sometimes, being on vacation can be tiring... Jex needed a little mid-day nap.

Jenn, Dan, Steve, and Laura fixing lunch. Notice the bottle of ginger ale... that's mine... I was really hungover that day.

Someone got a tiny little splinter in their foot and Keith had to come to the rescue.

Uhm... yeah... get a room... ;)

Let the games begin!! From left to right: Keith, Becky, and Jax.

Ahhh... beer pong... a game of great skill. From left to right: Jax, Dan, and Jenn.

Chris and Steve at the other end of the table.

Some of the fallen soldiers from beer pong.

Now this is vacation, a beer and a cigar...