Outer Banks 2000

The gang from 2000

The group this year was the smallest so far. From left to right: Laura, Steve, Dan, Jenn, me, Keith, and Becky.

Despite only having seven people on the trip this year, things were still a lot of fun. We did the usual stuff like going to Howard's Pub, playing miniature golf and shopping, but we didn't lay out on the beach too much. One interesting thing did happen... the road near our street collapsed which caused a lot of traffic problems

As usual, it rained while we were there. Some of us decided to go for a walk in the rain. This is the aftermath.

As we get older we seem to drink less and less while at the beach... but we still drink... and we still need a bartender. This is Dan mixing something pink... look how neat everything is, a sign of a good bartender.

Here are Becky and Jenn being bad bartenders... notice the mess.

Every year, either right before we leave for the beach, or while we're there, Steve has his birthday. We've asked him to move it so it doesn't interfere with the trip but he refuses, so next year we're moving the week of the trip.

I'm not sure what I did to get this reaction from Steve... guess he just doesn't like having his picture taken. I'll have to do better next year ;)

It isn't really that cold in the house...

Ya know... Keith looks drunk but I don't think he is.

Now this is what I call relaxing... shirt off, a beer, and a cigar... all that's missing is women in bikinis

Here's the gang outside by the pool.

I just had to save the best for last. You can make your own joke up for this one.